MaxLife Battery

Premium - Exide India

1. Extra Power for Premium Performance
2. The premium battery for vehicles with non-start-stop technology
3. OE Quality Replacement Battery
4. Highest Starting Power in MAXLIFE range of Conventional Batteries

Gold - Exide India

1. Long wet shelf life – no freshening charge required for up to 6 months from date of manufacture
2. Special paste formulation for higher life expectancy
3. Good cranking power and better life expectancy ensure customer satisfaction
4. Low self-discharge ensures the START even after idle for long durations

Extreme - Asia

1. Secure Maintainance Free Performance and safe design
2. High Cranking Capacity for Strong Starting function
3.An Economic product with lowered frequency of maintenance through the optimal structure design
4. Excellent Vibration and Heat Resistance

Power - Oman

1. GCC Specification Batteries manufactured and designed for best performance in Extremely High Temperatures
2. Better life cycle (3 times more energy throughput
and 3 times more life in test conditions)
3. Spill proof in tilted and upside down conditions and even during vehicle accidents
4. 20-30% extra power – high cold cranking power

Gold Plus - Solite Korea

1. Meets all criteria of the Passenger vehicle manufacturers as original spare part
2. The life of the battery lasts with excellent and powerful ignitability having used the hyper-resistant PE separator
3. Filter cap attached to the cover exhaust ideally blocks the leakage of electrolyte resulting in Safer Product design
4. Completely closed type structure, through ideal internal design resulting in longer service life

Dry Charge - Malaysia

1. Advanced Center Lug Cast on Strap Technology – Higher Service life due to Increased Stability of Plates
2. Positive Radian Cut Design Grid – Enforced grid structure to prevent corrosion and provide Higher Cranking Performance
3. Higher Performance PE Separator – Provides Low Resistance and Higher Durability
4. Negative Radiant Cut Design Grid – Improved Resistance and Higher Cranking Power

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