MaxLife Battery

Premium - Exide India

Maxlife Premium 18M Batteries Optimized Alloy System to suit high temperature and low maintenance application. Good cranking power and better life expectancy ensure customer satisfaction. Manufactured with dozens of quality control checks to provide MAXLIFE quality

Gold - Exide India

Maxlife Gold Battery can withstand the GCC environment and high under – bonnet temperature. Design ensures reliability under stringent application regime. Technology to suit high temperature application and negligible water loss. Double – Clad polyethylene and glass mat separation – high reliability and longer life

Extreme - Asia

MaxLife High Performance Calcium SMF batteries are made from calcium-lead alloy corrosion-resistant grids ,to maximize corrosion resistance, increase service life and reduce water consumption for battery durability. Our SMF batteries have special designed sealed casing to resist acid leakage minimizing self-discharge

Power - Oman

GCC origin Battery with the technical collaboration with Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc.USA, All Batteries are fitted with a state -of-charge indicator(Magic Eye) and Cast plates are used due to their higher thickness and inherent corrosion resistance

Gold Plus - Solite Korea

Maxlife Gold Plus which is manufactured by Hyundai Sungwoo Solite boasts of the best quality that does not become fatigued even during prolonged period of operation by displaying powerfull ingnitability through deal product has been manufactured to have minimum reduction in electrolytes and generation of gases through ideal internal design, thereby resulting in Complete Maintenance Free (CMF) product that requires absolutely no need for maintenance. Filter cap attached attached to the cover exhaust ideally blocks the leakage of electrolyte,

Dry Charge - Malaysia

Our Complete ranges of Dry Charge Batteries are made in Malaysia by one of the best manufacturers in the world. Our DC batteries are made from antimony lead alloy that are able to withstand high temperature and heavy charge / discharge characteristic. These batteries are made for heavy duty usage with our specially designed plates for all automotive and marine applications worldwide.

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